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Unattended Children Policy

Unattended Children Policy
APPROVED: Board of Supervisors Date: 9/05/00, revised 3/01/04 Section: 1204


Our libraries are open to the public, a situation that can put children at risk. While the Mohave County Library District welcomes children of all ages, staff is not equipped to provide licensed security, medical, or child-care services. The following is the library district’s policy regarding appropriate use of the library by children and their caregivers.


Responsibility for the welfare and the behavior of children using the library rests with the parent/caregiver. Although staff will always respond with care and concern, they cannot assume responsibility for children’s safety and comfort when they are unattended.


Young children should be attended and adequately supervised by a parent/caregiver who is a responsible person. Older children may use the library unattended provided they are able to maintain proper library behavior.


A child under the age of 10 left unattended in the library in violation of this policy, or a child of any age habitually left unattended, may be deemed to be at risk. In such situations library staff may contact local law enforcement to ensure the safety and well being of a child.


Children left unattended at closing time may be deemed at risk and an attempt will be made to contact the parent or caregiver. If a parent or caregiver of the child cannot be contacted or located by the library’s closing time, local law enforcement will be contacted to take custody of the child.

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