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Display Policy

Display PolicyAPPROVED:Board of SupervisorsDate:4/3/2000Section:8505Description:The Display Policy applies to items that are on display in the Mohave County Library on a temporary basis. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items: ARTWORK FOR DISPLAY (Not For Sale) or sale, BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAYS, FLIERS, BROCHURES, PAMPHLETS, POSTERS, DISPLAY CASE and MATERIALS, and DISPLAY RACKS and MATERIALS.General:The Mohave County Library welcomes the opportunity to allow community groups, organizations, government agencies, or individuals to use the various display areas: bulletin board(s), display case, or other designated areas determined by the Library Manager.Educational, cultural, civic, and recreational displays are allowed rather than commercial displays. Generally, displays must be of a nonprofit, noncommercial or charitable nature. The library recognizes the Library Bill of Rights, particularly article 6 which states: “Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”All displays are subject to the discretion of the Library Manager and the availability of library space and resources. Display items must be approved by the Library Manager prior to placement in designated areas.Items will be on display for a limited time only. In fairness to all Mohave County residents whomay wish to display items in the Library, permanent or indefinite loans of items will not be permitted. (Permanent or indefinite loans are items that belong to the customer, not the library, and would be held for an indefinite length of time.)Displayed materials involving the library’s programs or services will take first priority.Items are to remain on display throughout the duration of the exhibit.Displays must not impinge on areas designated for library related displays, information and materials.
Library facilities cannot be altered by the displays unless by prior arrangement with the Library Manager.Materials advertising for profit organizations will not be permitted. The library accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to the item(s) during the time it is on display in the library. In addition, damage to library property resulting from the display will be charged to the lender. All publicity must be coordinated with the Library Manager. All displays will be evaluated based on the following criteria:1.Displays should appeal to the broad group of people that make up the library public which includes all age groups. 2.Forms of expression judged to be unprotected by the First Amendment or judged to be “obscene” according to the statutes of the State of Arizona will not be displayed in the library. Final approval for all displays rests with the Library District Board of Directors upon recommendation by the Advisory Committee. Authority to approve materials for display is transferred by the Board to the Library Director, who may choose to delegate authorization to Library Managers.Library approval does not constitute an endorsement or a commentary on the quality or merit of materials presented or of the group’s or individual’s policies or beliefs. Exhibitor or Lender Responsibilities:It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to:1.Insure displayed items while they are on library property.2.Provide the library with an inventory of the items.3.Bring the exhibit in prior to the date of the exhibit.4.Set-up and dismantle the exhibit.5.Maintain the exhibit.6.Immediately pick up the items after the exhibit.7.Dispose of unwanted exhibit items.Lenders are required to read these guidelines and sign an incoming/outgoing loan agreement prior to display and upon release of display items by the library. Simple bulletin board displays do not require an incoming/outgoing loan agreement.Artwork for Display or Sale
1.Artwork for display or sale will be evaluated by the Library Manager or a committee appointed and chaired by the Library Manager to serve on an “as needed” basis. The committee will make recommendations to the Library Manager as regards to the acceptance or non-acceptance of works offered. Committee members whose artwork is under consideration will not be appointed to the committee.2.Works will be evaluated based on the following questions:Is the general appearance of the artwork neat, clean, and well presented (i.e., proper framing, undamaged, etc.)?As decorative design, does the work have a purpose? Does the design reinforce the structure?Is there proper space in the library for the display of the work? Will the work relate to the space in which it is to be placed?Will the design and subject matter of the work appeal to a broad group of people that make up the library public in which it is to be placed?Is the workmanship of the piece of sufficient quality?3.If artwork is for sale, exhibitor must post the artist name and phone number. Exhibited items will not have prices displayed. The library is not responsible for the sale of items. The sale is between buyer and seller. Negotiations and monetary exchange must be held outside library premises.4.Exhibit time line: one month minimum to a maximum of three months; with one renewal up to three months. Bulletin Board Displays, Fliers, Brochures, Pamphlets, and Posters1.Space is at a premium. As such, areas need to be kept neat and orderly.2.Fliers, brochures and pamphlets must be no larger than 8 ½” x 11. Posters are allowed ONLY if there is available space.3.Time lines will be determined by individual locations.4.Items not picked up by exhibitor will be discarded.5.Items found on the bulletin board without staff initials and date will be discarded.Display Case and Materials1.Time lines will be determined by the Library Manager.
2.Three-dimensional items work best in the display case.3.Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning display case, including removing any stands, supports, and background materials from the case. 4.Exhibitors should NOT use any adhesives or tacking materials such as tape, glue, or tacks on the display case surfaces. Display suction cups are permitted.Display Rack(s) and Materials1.Racks and materials must be maintained and supplied by owner. Failure to maintain materials and racks may result in loss of display privileges. Rack(s) and materials must be in good condition. Damaged racks and materials are not allowed in the library or on library premises. The library will discard rack(s) and materials if the owner or authorized representative has not picked up the items 30 days after outgoing date.2.One or two rack(s) may be placed in the vestibule or designated area(s) contingent upon available space.3.Time lines will be determined by the Library Manager.
DISPLAY FORMIncoming/Outgoing Loan AgreementThe objects described on the attached list have been received by the Mohave County Library as loans for exhibit and display on library property. All displays are subject to the conditions listed in the library’s Display Policy. Please note the following paragraph from the general description: “It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to: 1) insure the item(s); 2) provide the library with an inventory of the items; 3) bring the exhibit in prior to the date of the exhibit; 4) set-up and dismantle the exhibit; 5) maintain the exhibit; 6) immediately pick up the items after the exhibit; and 7) dispose of unwanted exhibit items.”Name of lender ____________________________________________________________Address________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone____________________________________________________________Purpose of loan____________________________________________________________Period of loan ____________________________________________________________Incoming Date ________________ Outgoing Date _______________Item(s) will be delivered by______________________________________________________Items(s) will be picked up from library by__________________________________________(Name, address, and phone number)Authorized representative if lender is unable to pick up the items:Name_______________________________________________Address______________________________________________________________________________________________Phone_______________________________________________Comments:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Incoming AgreementI hereby acknowledge that I am authorized to lend the objects(s) listed on the attached list to the Mohave County Library. I have read and agree to abide by the conditions set forth
in the library’s Display Policy.Lender _____________________________________________Date ___________________Library Representative_________________________________Date ___________________Outgoing AgreementI hereby acknowledge that the object(s) listed on the attached list have been returned.Lender _____________________________________________Date ___________________Library Representative_________________________________Date ___________________

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