What do I need to bring to get a library card?

All applicants must show a valid government-issued photo identification. Additional documentation may be required to verify current local mailing address. Examples include:

  • A current utility bill
  • Recent postmarked mail with your name and address
  • An imprinted personalized bank check
  • A recent rent receipt or other local business receipt showing your name and mailing address


A post office box is acceptable for a mailing address as long as you also provide your local physical address.

All children under 18 years of age (unless holding emancipated minor status) must have a parent/guardian obtain the library card. If the adult has a library card, it must be in good standing. The adult must meet the requirements listed above, and must be present and sign the child’s library card.

The parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for the materials borrowed by the child and acknowledges that it is his or her responsibility to guide the selection of materials.

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