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Library Volunteer Policy

Library Volunteer Policy



Revised by Advisory 4/01 Date: 4/99, Section:2800


  1. Mohave County Library District volunteers are defined as persons who volunteer time out of personal interest in libraries and library services to local communities. They are crucial to the efficiency of the district and are unpaid staff subject to library personnel policies and procedures.


  1. Volunteers are actively recruited, interviewed, and assigned to tasks based on interest, skill, and need. Volunteers work under the supervision of library staff and are evaluated on a regular basis. Volunteers who do not perform in accordance with acceptable library standards are either assigned to alternate jobs or advised that their services cannot be used by the library.


  1. At least once a year, local libraries will sponsor a volunteer recognition function.


  1. In appreciation, library volunteers may be exempt from paying overdue fines.


  1. The library district recognizes other agencies programs and may partner with them to provide opportunities for their clients. Non-library agency clients are subject to the same policies and procedures as library volunteers.

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