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Standards of Acceptable Library Behavior

Standards of Acceptable Library Behavior Policy
COVERAGE:     All Staff
SUPERCEDES: Section 1205     05/31/2011
REVIEWED BY: Citizens’ Advisory Committee 07/28/14
APPROVED BY: Board of Supervisors
ADOPTED: August 18, 2014
REVISED: 07/28/2014
EFFECTIVE: 08/18/2014


  1. The purpose of this policy is to set policy guidelines for staff and patrons in areas of human behavior and conduct in the use of Mohave County Library facilities.

Failure to abide by Library Policies: Patrons who fail to abide by any of these standards will receive one warning. Any patron who willingly and repeatedly fails to abide by all written library policies shall be asked to vacate the library premises. Patrons that refuse to vacate the library premises when asked to do so will be referred to a local law enforcement agency. Repeat offences will result in the loss of library privileges and the individual being BARRED from all Mohave County Library District facilities.

  1. This library is part of the Mohave County Library District, which is supported by citizens’ tax dollars. It is your library, and we believe that every customer of the library has a right to expect the facility to be a clean, pleasant, and safe place. To best serve all library users, the library district has established certain standards of acceptable library behavior. Behavior becomes unacceptable when it impinges on the rights of others, when it could result in injury to oneself or others, or when it could result in damage to the building, furniture, equipment, or materials. Unacceptable behavior in the library includes, but is not limited to:

  2. ALCOHOL OR DRUGS: Individuals who are presumed to be under the influence of or in the possession of alcohol or drugs are not permitted on library premises.

  3. CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOR: While all children are invited and encouraged to use the library, children who do not comply with the standards of behavior expected of all patrons will not be permitted to use the library without parental or guardian supervision.

  4. LEAVING CHILDREN UNATTENDED: For the welfare of the child, children not picked up from the library by closing time will be referred to our local law enforcement agency.

  5. REFUSAL TO LEAVE THE LIBRARY: All patrons are expected to vacate the library promptly at closing or when asked to leave by staff. Library staff will notify patrons five minutes prior to closing.

  6. IMPROPER USE OF RESTROOMS: Restrooms are not to be used for bathing, washing clothing or other personal items, sleeping, food preparation, etc.

  7. ABUSE OR VANDALISM: Abuse of library facilities, furniture, equipment, or materials will not be tolerated. Local law enforcement may be notified if such acts occur.

  8. LOUD, PERSISTENT NOISE: People using audio devices in the library must use earphones. Communication devices are permitted as long as the noise and conversation levels do not interfere with other patrons’ use of the library. Patrons are asked to keep noise at reasonable levels throughout the library. Library staff reserves the right to make this determination.

  9. UNRULY OR OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE OR BEHAVIOR directed at other patrons, staff or self. Physical, sexual, or verbal harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.

  10. SLEEPING, SMOKING AND TOBACCO-CHEWING. None of these are permitted in library facilities.

  11. ANIMALS: Only service animals needed to provide disability assistance are allowed. Animals may be permitted for special library programs with the approval of the Branch Librarian or the Community Library Specialist.

  12. BEDROLLS, BLANKETS, AND SKATEBOARDS: These items are not permitted in the library but may be left at the entrance if space permits. The library is not responsible for items so stored while the customer is using the library.

  13. APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes must be worn in the library at all times.

  14. PERSONAL HYGIENE: Excessive body odor or excessive use of perfume or cologne, which interferes with others’ use of the library, is not allowed.

  15. COOPERATION WITH LIBRARY STAFF MEMBERS: Patrons must be willing to comply with all reasonable requests and communications made by library staff members, in an orderly, timely and courteous fashion.

    Your assistance in keeping your library clean, pleasant, and safe is greatly appreciated.

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