Popular Websites

Welcome to our “Popular Websites” section, a carefully curated directory of enriching and engaging online platforms tailored for our young patrons. This guide offers you access to a vibrant world of learning and play, merging fun with educational value.


From nurturing early childhood education with ABC Mouse, PBS Kids, and Nick Jr., to fostering reading skills and literacy via BrainPOP Jr., Accelerated Reader, and Starfall, this collection is designed to spark curiosity and fuel learning. Experience storytelling like never before with Tumble Books, or dive into creative coding with Tynker, Minecraft Code, and Scratch.


For those adventurous minds, our selection of interactive gaming sites like Play American Girl, Disney Now, and Poptropica will provide hours of fun and discovery. And for our budding scientists and explorers, STEM resources from NASA Kids’ Club, Cool Math Games, and National Geographic Kids are just a click away.

Embark on your journey of exploration, learning, and fun with these popular websites today!

Early Childhood Education

Unlocking Your Child’s Potential: Engaging Educational Activities, Interactive Learning Tools, and Fun-filled Content for Ages 2-8

Discover a World of Learning and Adventure with the Fun-Filled Activities and Educational Games on PBS KIDS

Discover endless fun and learning with your favorite Nick Jr. characters on NickJr.com – the ultimate online destination for preschoolers!

Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby and all their friends for fun and educational games, videos, and activities at Sesame Street’s official website.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Adventure: Exciting Games, Creative Activities, and Endless Fun with Your Favorite American Girl Characters

Unleash the Magic of Disney’s Best Shows and Games with DisneyNow – Watch, Play and Explore All in One Place!

Explore a World of Adventure and Mystery: Create Your Own Character and Embark on Epic Quests with Poptropica

Discover a World of Fun Learning with Funbrain – Puzzles, Games, and Books for Kids of All Age

Interactive Learning and Gaming

Interactive and educational animations, quizzes, and activities for curious young minds on BrainPOP Jr. – a trusted learning resource.

Unlock the Perfect Reading Experience: Discover, Track, and Manage Your Reading Progress with the Ultimate Tool for Accelerated Readers

Unlock the Joy of Learning to Read and Explore the Universe with Engaging Games, Stories, and Activities on Starfall

Experience an Exciting World of Storytelling and Learning with Tumble Books – Enhance Your Child’s Imagination and Knowledge Today!

Reading & Literacy

Unlock Your Child’s Coding Potential with Interactive Games and Fun Challenges on Tynker – Start Learning to Code Today!

Unleash Your Creativity with Code and Explore a New World of Possibilities with Minecraft on Code.org – Learn to Code and Have Fun!

Unleash Your Creativity and Learn to Code with Scratch – the Free, Online Coding Platform for Kids

Get help with your Khan Academy Kids account and access educational resources for children – Khan Academy Kids Help Center

Creative Coding & Educational Tools

Explore Space and Beyond with Games, Activities, and Fun Learning Resources on NASA Kids’ Club – The Ultimate Space Adventure for Young Minds!

Unlock Your Inner Math Genius with Engaging and Challenging Games on Coolmathgames.com

Explore the World of Animals, Nature, and Cultures with National Geographic Kids – Inspiring Young Minds Since 1975

Experience the Wonders of Science and Inspire Your Curiosity with Fun Experiments and Fascinating Facts on ScienceBob.com

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Uncover a universe of kids’ literature on the go with our catalog. Find books for your young ones, anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Join Kids’ Events at our public library. Spark imagination with educational activities, available anytime, anywhere, from any device. A world of fun awaits!

Immerse your young ones in the magical world of books with our Storytime sessions, cultivating a love for reading and learning early on.

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