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Welcome to the “Homework and Tutoring” section, your digital study buddy! This is your go-to resource for comprehensive academic support, offering a range of online databases, test preparation materials, and personalized tutoring services. Delve into trusted resources such as Britannica Academic and Gale Academic OneFile, prep for exams with the SAT and ACT resources, or utilize interactive study tools like Quizlet. Opt for one-on-one tutoring with Brainfuse, discover the educational treasures of Khan Academy and Coursera, or pick up new skills with Crash Course. Whether it’s coding, language learning, or STEM exploration, we’ve got something for everyone. Start your journey towards academic excellence here!

Online Databases

Empowering Knowledge Seekers: Authoritative Encyclopedic Entries & Comprehensive Academic Resources

Fueling Academic Success: High-Quality Learning Materials & Comprehensive Educational Resources for High School Students

Unleashing Scholarly Potential: Extensive Research Articles & Superior Academic Resource Collection

Expanding Knowledge Boundaries: An Unparalleled Collection of Diverse, Scholarly Gale Resources

Study Guides & Test Prep

Empowering Future Success: Premium Test Prep & Career Development Resources for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Maximize your college readiness with SAT Suite of Assessments – the online platform for preparing for and taking college entrance exams.

Achieve your college and career goals with ACT – the trusted online platform for college admissions testing and resources.

Interactive Learning Reinvented: Customizable Flashcards & Engaging Study Games for Student Success

Tutoring & Online Learning

Maximize your academic potential with Brainfuse’s online tutoring and homework help platform – trusted by students worldwide.

Access the world’s best free educational resources anytime, anywhere with Khan Academy – learn anything with just a few clicks!

Master new skills and explore the world with Crash Course – the ultimate online learning destination for curious minds everywhere.

Transform your career and expand your knowledge with Coursera – the leading online learning platform for lifelong learners.

Enhance learning with custom lessons & tests across multiple subjects. Elevate your skills!

Empower your education: Get GED prep, career tips, and college skills at your pace.

Access live tutoring, homework help, and writing assistance 24/7 for all learning levels.

Recommended Websites

Unlock your coding potential with Codecademy – the ultimate online platform for mastering programming languages and building projects.

Learn a new language for free with Duolingo – the fun and effective online platform for language learning at your own pace.

Experience the power of ideas with TED-Ed – the online platform for engaging educational videos and lessons for curious learners.

Explore the universe of STEM with NASA – your guide to amazing educational resources and opportunities for students in grades 9-12.

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