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Computer and Internet Access Policy

Computer and Internet Access Policy


To set forth the conditions, procedures and responsibilities for public access to the Library’s computers and Internet services. To outline the consequences for inappropriate or illegal use of the Library’s computers and Internet networks.



Mohave County Library computers are available for use by all library customers for educational, recreational, research and information purposes. Customers are encouraged to use library computers and internet services to:


  • Conduct research

  • Complete homework assignments

  • Develop and practice computer skills

  • Improve literacy skills

  • Learn new languages

  • Send and receive e-mail


Customers must have a valid Library Card or Guest Pass in order to use Library computers. A Guest Pass, valid for one day, is available for customers aged 18 and over with valid ID, or for minors accompanied by a parent/guardian in good standing as defined by the Library Circulation Policy.


Guest passes are not available for patrons who would otherwise qualify for a Library Card, nor to be used as a means by which to bypass having a card which is not in good standing.


Customer Responsibilities

All users of computers and/or Internet access computers at the Mohave County Library are expected to act responsibly. Any violation of this policy, the Standards of Acceptable Library Behavior Policy, the laws of the state of Arizona, and/or federal statutes may result in the suspension of Internet access privileges and/or reporting to an appropriate legal authority.

Examples of unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:


  • Harassing other users

  • Libeling or slandering other users

  • Destroying or damaging equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library or other users

  • Disabling, altering or attempting to circumvent Library software and operating system

  • Disrupting or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications

  • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material

  • Viewing or downloading obscene materials as defined by state and federal laws




Customers using library computers and networks are required to comply with the Mohave County Library Computer and Internet Access Policy, the Standards of Acceptable Library Behavior Policy as well as all applicable state and federal laws.


Internet Filtering

In accordance with State and Federal laws including ARS §§ 34-501, ARS §§ 34-502, and The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Mohave County Library District uses filtering technology on all public computers and wireless Internet to block sexually explicit and/or obscene websites.


This technology is imperfect and may occasionally block sites unintentionally. Patrons aged 18 and older with legitimate requests may ask to have filtering temporarily disabled. (However, parents may not authorize that filtering be disabled for their children under age 18.)


Review Procedure

Customers who discover a site or resource which filtering has failed to block, or conversely, has blocked inappropriately, may report this site to the Library using the Library’s Resource Review Procedure in order to have the site or resource considered for additional blocking or unblocking as appropriate.


Juvenile Access

Mohave County Library respects the rights and responsibilities of parents or guardians in determining and monitoring the use of the Internet by children under the age of 18. Library staff members are not responsible for monitoring a child’s use of the Internet.



Each customer must carefully consider what information he or she chooses to access, write or send on library computers or via the library’s WiFi network. Viruses and malicious code can be transferred via the Internet, despite virus protection and other security software.


Use of Mohave County Library computers, computer systems, computer programs and access of the Internet on Library computers or via the Library’s WiFi network, is strictly at the user’s own risk.      The Library District’s wireless network is NOT SECURED and information sent to and from a laptop, notebook, PDA or other wireless device can be captured by

anyone with a wireless device. Mohave County Library is not responsible for providing technical assistance and does not “guarantee” wireless connection.


The Library does not endorse, warrant, or advocate for any particular software application or Internet web-site.


Mohave County Library advises computer and WiFi users that no filtering software is perfect and the Library does not warrant or guarantee that Internet filters will block all content that is illegal, inappropriate for children or possibly offensive to some customers. Further, the Library does not warrant or guarantee that Internet filters will allow access to all valuable resource materials that a customer may wish to view.


The library encourages parents and guardians to supervise their children’s use of the Internet, as with all other aspects of the library’s collections and services. Library staff do not act in place of a parent or guardian to determine what a child may access.


Mohave County Library is not responsible for the accuracy, authority, timeliness or completeness of the information available on the Internet. However, a librarian can provide assistance in verifying such information.


Mohave County Library takes no responsibility, and does not accept liability, for any direct or consequential harm to computer users, personal computer equipment, or other property that may result from use of Library computers or WiFi network.


Mohave County Library takes no responsibility, and does not accept liability, for any of its customers’ computer activities that violate federal law (including copyright infringement), state law, local law or Mohave County Library policies. Further, Mohave County Library does not accept liability for any occurrences that result from calling local law enforcement when it appears that any of these laws or policies are being broken.


For more information or to view complete copies of Library policies, visit www.mohavecountylibrary.us

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