📣 Library Hours Update: We will be closed on Monday, February 19, 2024 for the Presidents Day Holiday. Normal hours of operation resume Tuesday, February 20, 2024. 📣 

Are there any assistive technology devices available at the library?

Yes, we are proud to offer several assistive technologies to ensure that our resources are accessible to all. Here are some of the key features:

  • Book Magnifiers: We have several book magnifiers distributed throughout our facilities. These can be requested at any location and are particularly beneficial for those with visual impairments.

  • High-Contrast Keyboards: To assist patrons with visual impairments, we provide high-contrast keyboards featuring large print. The keys are easy to see, making computer use much more accessible.

  • Accessible Tables and Chairs: We have adjustable height tables and chairs in our library to accommodate people with various mobility needs. These allow patrons using wheelchairs or other mobility aids to use library resources comfortably.

  • Captioned Media: Many of our DVDs and digital content offerings come with captions or subtitles, providing an important resource for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

If you have any specific needs or requests related to assistive technology, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our library staff here. We are committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for all patrons.

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