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Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy Approved: Board of Supervisors Date: 04/18/2016 Section: 4201 This policy supersedes the following policies: 4110 Library Card Policy approved by Board of Supervisors June 18, 2007 4111 Application for Library Card Policy approved by Board of Supervisors April 20, 1998 4201 Circulation Privileges Policy approved by the Board of Supervisors October 20, 2003 4250 Renewal of Circulating Materials Policy approved by the Citizens’ Advisory Committee May, 1990 4260 Overdue Policy approved by the Board of Supervisors October 20, 2003 4400 Lost and Damaged Materials Policy approved by the Board of Supervisors August 18, 1997 4510 Overdue, Repair & Replacement Charges Policy approved by the Board of Supervisors December 07, 2009 4530 Collection Agency Policy approved by the Board of Supervisors August 18, 1997 A library card is available free of charge to any resident of Mohave County as well as residents of nearby communities. A library card is required to borrow materials and to access some library resources. Library card privileges will expire annually and may be renewed if all outstanding fines and fees have been paid in full. Types of cards issued include: CUSTOMER—for individuals. INSTITUTION—for facilities serving those with limited access to a library. Eligible facilities may include retirement homes, pre-schools, day care centers, schools, and similar community service agencies. The director of the agency must sign the application indicating the agency will accept financial responsibility for the materials checked out on the card. BOOKMOBILE—for individuals whose primary library service is through a Mohave County Library bookmobile. RESTRICTED—30 day non-renewable card for individuals who have not yet verified a local address. This card can only be used for limited library services and excludes the borrowing of materials. 1 Library Card Application Process To obtain a library card apply in person at any library location, or complete the application on the library’s website. All applicants must show a valid government-issued photo identification. Additional documentation may be required to verify current local mailing address. Examples include:  A current utility bill  Recent postmarked mail with your name and address  An imprinted personalized bank check  A recent rent receipt or other local business receipt showing your name and mailing address A post office box is acceptable for a mailing address as long as you also provide your local physical address. All children under 18 years of age (unless holding emancipated minor status) must have a parent/guardian obtain the library card. If the adult has a library card, it must be in good standing. The adult must meet the requirements listed above, and must be present and sign the child’s library card. The parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for the materials borrowed by the child and acknowledges that it is his or her responsibility to guide the selection of materials. Responsibilities of Customers  When borrowing materials you must present your valid library card.  You are financially responsible for materials checked out on your card.  You must notify the Library immediately if your library card is lost or stolen.  You must notify the Library with any changes to your account information, such as change of name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.  A parent/guardian is responsible for the fines or fees associated with his or her child’s library card.  A parent/guardian is responsible for guiding the child’s selection of library materials. The Library is not responsible for monitoring materials or services used by children. Loan Periods The loan period for most library materials is three weeks. Exceptions include videos and video games, which circulate for a period of seven days. There is a four week circulation period for items checked out from a bookmobile by customers who have a BOOKMOBILE card. Loan periods for BOOKMOBILE customers may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. 2 Materials checked out on your library card may be renewed twice, provided there are no outstanding requests for the materials and you have a valid library card in good standing. Renewals may be requested in person, by phone, or online. Loan periods for materials borrowed from libraries outside the Mohave County Library District through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) will be determined by the lending library. Renewal of interlibrary loan materials is at the discretion of the lending library. Fines and Fees You will be assessed overdue fines for late materials, and replacement fees for damaged or lost items according to the Fines and Fees Schedule. Accounts of $50.00 or more will be referred to a collection agency and a nonrefundable fee of $10.00 will be assessed. Uncollected accounts will be referred to a credit bureau. Borrowing Guidelines A maximum of 25 items may be checked out on your account. Customers may check out no more than three items by the same author, three on the same subject, or three in the same series. A limit of seven videos and three video games may be checked out at any time. Loss of Borrowing Privileges Items may not be borrowed if any of the following circumstances apply:  The borrowing limit of items has been reached  Account has an unpaid balance of $10.00 or more  Library card privilege has expired Library Card Renewal Library cards may be renewed if all fines and fees are paid and account information is updated. Library card privilege may be renewed by phone, via email, or in person. 3 Notices Notices regarding library accounts are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive notices, for whatever reason, does not remove the customer’s responsibility for returning materials on time or paying any bills. If items are not returned, the Library assumes they have been lost and a bill for their cost will be sent. The customer is responsible for keeping e-mail address, mailing address, and phone numbers current with the Library. ****************************************************************************** The Library assumes no responsibility for damage to your personal property due to the use of library materials, equipment, or resources. The Library reserves the right to revoke library privileges for any and all offenses against library policies. 4 Fines and Fees Schedule Overdue fines are assessed from the first day items are overdue on a per item basis. Fines over $10.00, or failure to return items, will result in suspension of borrowing privileges. Overdue items Lost, stolen or damaged items Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials Replacement card Insufficient funds Collection agency referral fee Replacement labels (stickers, barcodes, spine labels, etc.) Packaging (audio visual case, replace artwork, re-cover book, etc.) 20 cents per item-per day, $5.00 per item maximum Cost of the item as indicated in library record Fees vary and are determined by the lending library $2.00 $25.00 per returned check $10.00 $1.00 each $5.00

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