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Donated Artwork Policy

APPROVED: Board of Supervisors
Date: May 4, 1992, Revised October 20, 2008
Section: 9240

  1. The purposes of art in the library include the following:
    • to provide members of the community with information in an additional, visual format within the library
    • to enhance the library environment

  2. Artwork offered as a donation to Mohave County Library District will be evaluated for possible acceptance. An Art Review committee of no more than three (3) individuals, appointed by the local Librarian, will evaluate the donation(s).

  3. Criteria for acceptance of artwork by the library will include:
    • only such obligations will be considered as can be carried out in accordance with the donor’s wishes while supporting the purpose, policy and mission of the library
    • the general appearance and condition of the artwork
    • the design and subject matter of the work and how it appeals to a broad range of community members
    • the artwork being complimentary to the library environment

  4. Final acceptance of donations rests with the Library District

  5. All donations become the property of the Library District. The District reserves the right to make final retention decisions.

  6. Artwork accepted on a temporary loan basis is addressed in the Districts Exhibit and Display Policy (Section 8507).

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